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Class of 2023

-Speakers are experienced and were knowledge in the area they presented. They open our eyes in new dimensions to look at the health care system.

-It not only provides principles and knowledge in health system leadership, but must importantly also stimulates a more open mind-set to cater for future challenges and push the system forward.

-Broaden horizon in secondary, tertiary health care systems / also on administrative medicine esp of health financing & development of primary health system in other countries.

-This module produces my teammates and me with the opportunity to reflect on what we learn. We collaborate to explore the subject of our project. Learn from experts, and expand our knowledge to broaden our vision.

Graduate Voices & Photo Gallery

Class of 2022

-Very good to hear interview and fruitful discussion with different stakeholder in healthcare topic

-From self-development and acknowledge of DiSC character, to personal coaching and eye-opening lectures and workshop, we gained useful insight for how should be leadership.

Class of 2021

-Enhance the leadership and have valuable, excellent sharing from various speakers.

-It is useful to learn about healthcare system in order to know how to implement the change and policy with director for the benefit of the society, and staff.

Class of 2020

-Fit for purpose. This course is very informative and critical approach to health services provision 


-Insightful showing from different lecturers and classmates and mind-opening views from experts who are interviewed while preparing for the group projects 

Class of 2019

-It provides me a very broad understanding & leadership of health care (not only global but also local), and different style, aspects and effort of  leadership.

-Visit in Towngas Company give me impression of a successful and flourishing company rely on the sincere collaboration of staffs good culture, the company’s management can lead to high morale and strong sense of belonging and loyalty of the staffs.  

Class of 2018

-Leadership Challenges on Healthcare Delivery session is very practical and introduced some new concept in problems of aging.

-The combination of course theory and practical cases, diverse forms, wide range of knowledge and professional very big helpful for work.

Class of 2017

-Well coordinative course, a lot of information about health system complexity and in depth understanding of from different perspectives   


-Those middle managers to have a deeper understanding of leadership and provide them with different tools to facilitate their work.  It is also important to build network and friendship.      

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