Programme Highlights

  • Blended learning emphasizing on interactions and enriching insights

  • Case studies that bring together experiences and critical thinking

  • Application of knowledge to address the challenges and problems in own contexts

  • Experiences sharing that integrates theories and practices

  • Growth of perspectives that goes beyond own organisations

  • Visits to local organisations and learning across industry

Student Voice 2019

-It provides me a very broad understanding & leadership of health care (not only global but also local), and different style, aspects and effort of   leadership. Very inspiring!   

-Lean management – VSM give me new concept to improve the efficiency of my job. Design Thinking – give me an ever encountering idea to solve the problem and reminds me the very important and very fundamental concern in improving the medical service is the users consider their basis / point of view when making change. Visit in Towngas Company give me impression of a successful and flourishing company rely on the sincere collaboration of staffs good culture, the company’s management can lead to high morale and strong sense of belonging and loyalty of the staffs.                          


-The course provides comprehensive knowledge and inspiration for those who wants to strengthen / enhance his leadership skill to meet changing needs of Health Service System in Hong Kong                                                                               

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